Although the picturesque seaside town of Kamena Vourla is mostly known for its beneficial thermal springs, the area is also fringed with beautiful crystal-clear waters, pebbly beaches, hidden coasts, creating the scenery of the perfect summer story.

Isabella beach

Right across Galini Wellness Spa & Resort, every guest can enjoy the pristine blue flag awarded pebble beach of Isabella. Fully organised, the beach offers a picturesque cave beach bar with impeccable service and signature drinks list. Isabella is the perfect beach to unwind when visiting the seaside town of Kamena Vourla.

Rodia beach

A beautiful pebbly beach with crystal clear blue waters, situated next to the marine of Kamena Vourla. The beach is organised, featuring beach bars and several sports activities, perfect for all ages.

Asproneri beach

Asproneri beach is one of the best beaches in Maliakos Bay, situated 3km south of Kamena Vourla town. This pebbly beach attracts visitors from all over Central Greece come during summertime due to its clear waters.