Cultural & Historical Sights

The seaside town of Kamena Vourla with its thermal springs, is centrally located close to some of Greece’s greatest historical places and cultural sites such as the legendary Thermopylae, the sacred Delphi and breathtaking Meteora.


One of the greatest military feats of antiquity, still legendary 2,500 years on, took place at Thermopylae. In this narrow pass, in 480 BC, Leonidas and 300 Spartans sacrificed their lives to halt Xerxes’ vast Persian army long enough to secure an ultimate Greek victory. A large statue of Leonidas marks the battle site, while a modern museum alongside shows a short 3D movie and displays few other exhibits.


For the ancient Greeks, Delphi marked the very centre of the world, a sacred space where human beings could communicate with the gods. The ancient site stands in beautifully preserved splendour on a pristine mountainside 750m east of the modern village.


The rock formations of the Meteora region, crowned by Byzantine monasteries is a breathtaking spectacle for all visitors. Listed as a World Heritage site, this remarkable and beautiful landscape also offers wonderful opportunities for walkers and climbers.