The peaceful town of Kamena Vourla, only two hours away from Athens, is an ideal starting point to discover other prominent destinations such as the charming town of Arahova, the verdant mountainous backdrop of Pelion or Lichadonisia.


The small town of Arahova is largely geared towards Greek winter travelers, especially skiers hitting Parnassos National Park. At an altitude of 960m, it is a charming place, stepped with alleyways and featuring an impressive stone clock tower. Arahova is also noted for its formaela cheese, honey, hilopites and hearty red wine.

Pelion Peninsula

Formed by a mountain range, collectively known as Mt Pelion, the Pelion Peninsula curves south and east from Volos, cradling the Pagasitikos Gulf. Its higher slopes are full of green, with trees heavy with fruit, wild olive groves and forests of horse chestnut, oak, walnut, fir and beech.


On the western side of Northern Evia, lies Lichadonisia, a complex of small islands which locals call the “Greek Seychelles” and are an ecologically protected area. This paradise place consists of seven islands and islets. The biggest islands are called Stroggyli and Manolia, the middle Mikri Stroggyli, Steno and Vagia and the rest called Pontikonisia. According to Greek mythology, the islands were shaped by the body of Lichas who was killed by Hercules and thrown into the sea