Apart from its rich historical and cultural sites, the island of Rhodes offers sceneries and landscapes of unique natural beauty. The Butterflies valley with thousands of butterflies and lush green as well as the magical Seven Springs and its waterfalls are true natural miracles.

The Valley of the Butterflies

On the western side of the island, lies the Valley of the Butterflies. This is one of the most attractive destinations on the island. The "Zitia" tree, which is found in a few parts of the Mediterranean, hosts millions of butterflies that peacefully hang in the shadowy wet paths it creates with the brook, which occasionally is transformed into lakes and small waterfalls

The seven springs

One of the most charming destinations on Rhodes, Seven Springs, offers a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis, even in the heat of high summer, a charming retreat in the most lavish of Mediterranean greens. Water flows out of the springs all year round, which is forming a small lake. If you feel adventurous, you can walk through a 186m long narrow tunnel to get to the lake. The tunnel, constructed back in 1931, leads the water of the seven springs and river Loutanis to the lake. Walking through it with your feet in the running fresh water, is an exciting experience. As an alternative route you can simply follow a walking path.