Cultural & Historical Sights

A story which has been unfolding for the past 2,400 years, the story of Rhodes, continues to unfold with the thousands of tourists, archaeologists, tour guides, artists, permanents residents, business people and students. Rhodes is a walk-through antiquity. From the UNESCO’S site, the Medieval town to the picturesque village of Lindos, the island boasts so many layers of history, where different eras, cultures and architecture meet.

Medieval town

The medieval town of Rhodes is the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe where different eras, cultures and architecture meet! In 1988, UNESCO declared the architectural complex of the Knights of Rhodes to be a World Heritage Site. Today, a world of tourist shops, restaurants, cafés and museums can be found within its walls.


Lindos lies on the east coast, 56km away from the city centre. Like the old town of Rhodes, Lindos, the major trading centre of the 8th century, is today a UNESCO-listed old town and one of the most picturesque settlements of the island. On the top of the rock stands a centuries-old magnificent acropolis and the castle of the knights of St. John, which can be either reached through a series of steps or ascended on donkeys.