Museums & Galleries

By far the largest and historically the most important of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes offers several museums and galleries to explore across its surface. In every corner of the town, every stone on the island hides a small part of its 2,400-year history.

Archaeological museum of Rhodes

Housed in the medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights, the Museum contains collections of the Geometric and Classical periods from ancient Ialysos and Kamiros, mosaic floors of the Hellenistic period from Rhodes town and of the early Christian period from Karpathos.

Bee Museum

Visit the one and only Bee museum in Greece and see bees’ amazing world in transparent observation hives, the tradition and history of beekeeping in Rhodes and how honey is obtained. Learn everything about bees and their valuable products: honey, pollen, wax, propolis and royal jelly. Have a walk in the bees’ garden and learn the Rhodian herbs and flowers which bees visit.

Municipal art gallery of Rhodes

The Municipal Gallery of Rhodes contains one of the most significant collections of the Modern Greek painting. Featuring works by F. Kontoglou, Theofilos, N. Hadjikyriakos – Gikas and other prominent Greek artists. During the last years, the Museum has created the Department of Educational Programmes and offers a wide variety of workshops and educational material to the children and adolescents of Rhodes, Dodecanese and the rest of Greece.